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Exceptional quality is at the foundation of our business. We strive to create everything from high-quality samples to full-production while maintaining strong client relationships. Our commitment to quality guarantees your success and satisfaction.



We have a large and highly skilled team that specializes in technical and high-end wear. Versatility in projects ranges from formal to casual as well as athletic and denim wear



The key to the success of any given project is the sourcing materials. Through the years, we have partnered and worked with many companies that specialize in trims, fabrics, threads, and applications. NYC Factory prides itself on working with the premier sourcing companies from around the world.


A significant part of any design project is the development phase. It is critical to ensure that the vision provided becomes a reality. Construction specialists work hand in hand to ensure plans are to a client's specifications. 


Our team of fashion design, branding, and production management veterans works together with startups and established enterprises on any or every stage of their design, development, and production process to help build successful apparel companies.

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